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My name is Kevin Hewitt
 I design , and develop FullStack Solutions
Video RepairRankingFullStack Project
Video Repair Ranking
ChartermeCardFullStack Project
Charter MeCard Employee Portal
Active DirectoryImageAPI
Active Directory Image Fetch
ASP.NET CustomAppCode KToolClass
Custom C# Development/Production Class
Video RepairQueue ReportTableau
Contact Center Queue Report (Tableau)
EmployeeCorrective ActionsSSIS Project
Employee Corrective Action SSIS Automated Report
Automated FilesSSRS Flat FilesSSRS Reports
Automated Reporting in SSRS
SharePointAAT ToolPowerApps
Agent Assist Tool in PowerApps
SharePointAAT ConsolidatePowerAutomate
SharePoint List Automation with PowerAutomate

About Me

    Hello, I’m Kevin Hewitt, a Full-Stack Developer with a Bachelor’s Degree in IT. I’m skilled in several languages and have vast experience in Web Development and Data Analytics. I started at Time Warner Cable, as a Report Specialist building solutions in MS Office, SQL, PowerBI, and Crystal Reports and later transitioned to the Video Repair GVP Operations group. As a Business Analyst, I developed various solutions on the same platforms and others such as Tableau, SSRS, SSIS, and Web. I also conducted In-Depth, Forecasting, Ad-Hoc, and recurring Analyses on employee and queue performance. My work earned me many awards and high remarks, both inside and outside of my teams. My goal is to continue doing what I love. In my free time, I enjoy watching TV and exploring new code libraries.

Kevin HewittKevin HewittFull Stack Developer & Data Analytics Expert
(512) 909-2425